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VES "Let the awards speak for themselves"
A relaxed family friendly gaming atmosphere

Welcome to VES. Est. Aug. 29th, 2011

VES is an exclusive clan for invited members only. We are very serious when it comes to gaming. We act professional during our games and respect all of our members at all times. 
(Our member capacity is currently FULL and we are no longer recruiting or accepting applications at this time.. You may still fill out an application and be accepted once there is room. Sorry for the inconvenience.) 

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Weazel News 7/22/14

VES Smooth LVL 3SO posted 2 hours ago

Shots Fired, Officers Down
Officers responded on scene of a normal day traffic stop but everything went sideways after that! Officers were pulling over a tractor trailer for a tail light out but while talking to the driver, The "Bodyguard" THExCHAZZ, came over and said that that he would take care of it, The officers politely asked him to go away and not interfere with the traffic stop, instead he decided to hop on top of the semi-truck and and keep saying no. The police finally convinced him to go to the sidewalk, but shortly after, while officers were writing the report, he fired an AK-47 and gunned down Sheriff Gammerman101 and shot and killed Sheriff Deputy VES Smooth. THExCHAZZ is facing a lot of jail time for his actions and has a massive fine. The weapon that THExCHAZZ was using was illeagle and was not registerd, he also was resisting arrest before shooting the officers. He is also facing 2 murder charges! The governor of San Andreas has called for a funeral for both of the officers.  

VES Smooth
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New Admin

VES Smooth LVL 3SO posted Tue at 0:33
New Admin
Congratulations to our newest admin, gammerman101 from the Weazel News Team!

VES Smooth
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